Visit the historical Priorat

Posted By on Apr 16, 2015


Enjoy a weekend break with children, the break includes one night’s accommodation.

We suggest you visit the Carthusian Monastery of Santa Maria d’Escaladei during the first morning of your stay, here you’ll see the remains of the first settlement of the Carthusian monks in the Iberian peninsula , here lie the origins of the prestigious wines of El Priorat. Once the visit is over, you will have lunch in the inn/restaurant Populetus in Poboleda.

In the afternoon you can visit the winery and the vineyards of Mas Sinén on the outskirts of Poboleda. Salvador Burgos, the owner of the winery and an expert viticulturist, will teach you all that you want to know about growing grapes and making wine. This visit will allow you to speak to your friends and acquaintances with a profound knowledge of the fascinating world of the drink of the Gods. And so that you don’t have to worry about your children while you’re visiting the winery and tasting the wine, you can leave them with a responsible adult who’ll take them to play in the river, will do some craft activities with them and will show them how people work in the orchards. Ah, they’ll also get to meet the goats and their kids!! Once the different activities are finished both you and your children will meet up at the inn/restaurant Populetus where you’ll stay half-board (evening meal, bed and breakfast).

After breakfast on the second day, you can visit the lead mines of Bellmunt del Priorat. You’ll visit the mine Eugènia where you’ll get to know more about the mining patrimony of El Priorat.The Eugènia mine was the largest and most important of the mines in the Priorat region mainly due to the large quantity of lead extracted from here and its very high quality. During the visit you’ll watch a film about the miners and their family life, this film will certainly transport you to this period of the mine’s history. This visit is suitable for every age group and during the visit you have to wear a miner’s hat. After the visit you’ll go to the village of Gratallops where you’ll have lunch in the restaurant El Piró. Then in the afternoon you’ll return home relaxed and contented.

Step by step:

  • Saturday morning: visit the Carthusian Monastery of Santa Maria d’Escaladei, then lunch in the inn/restaurant Populetus in Poboleda.
  • In the afternoon the adults a guided tour of the winery Mas Sinén, 7 minutes by car on the outskirts of Poboleda. The children will go to the river, they’ll see the orchards and the goats. If there’s time they’ll do a craft activity. Estimated time: 3 hours.
  • Half- board (evening meal, bed and breakfast) in the inn/restaurant Populetus.
  • Sunday morning: visit the lead mines of Bellmunt del Priorat and lunch in Gratallops. (restaurant El Piró). In the afternoon back home relaxed and contented.

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The cost of this visit, all included with 2 children is from 355€

How to get there

If you’re coming from Barcelona, you have to drive towards Tarragona, you have to take the T-11/Reus/Airport which will take you to the N-420/Falset/Alcañiz.

Then you’ll see an indication to the right which will take you to the C-242 (Les Borges del Camp first and then Alforja/Cornudella de Montsant).

Once you’ve gone up and then down the mountain (coll d’Alforja),, you’ll come to a crossing which goes towards Porrera, don’t take any notice of this crossing, keep driving a few metres and once you’ve crossed the bridge, turn to the left towards Poboleda (6 kilometres).

On the second day you’ll go from Poboleda to Bellmunt del Priorat, via Gratallops, 28 kilometres altogether. After the visit you’ll have lunch in Gratallops ( 12 kilometres from Bellmunt). To go back to Barcelona, you have to go to Falset and follow the directions from there.

Poboleda is 140 kilometres from Barcelona, that’s about a 1hour and 50 minutes drive.

How to get from Poboleda to the winery and vineyards of Mas Sinén de Burgos Porta:

Drive down the main street in Poboleda (carrer Major) as far as the church. Turn right and then left.

Keep going straight ahead and after a few metres turn to the right towards the river. Then we’ll come to a cemented lane which we have to follow. At the end of this cemented lane you have to take the lane to the left and keep going straight ahead parallel to the river until about 100 metres further on you’ll see an indication to the right.

Keep going along this lane towards the mountain following the signposts and you’ll get to Mas Sinén, Burgos Porta winery.

We’ll be waiting to take you on a tour of the winery and the vineyards and you’ll be able to savour their fantastic, ecological wines.